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US Visa Lawyers

  Tips for Dealing with US Visa Lawyers

The right lawyer can make all the difference in your case so making sure you find and work with the right one is important.


Avoid US visa lawyers who approach you at the immigration office. There are a few low-value H-1B visa lawyers who attempt to solicit business at the immigration office. You want a lawyer who is too busy practicing immigration law to spend their time rounding up new clients like this. Be sure you choose a real lawyer and not just a visa consultant. Many non-lawyers, even well-meaning ones, don’t recognize how complex this issue really can be.


Research your lawyer. You can find a lot of information about H-1B visa lawyers online. If the only reviews you find are bad then you can save yourself the time and trouble of even scheduling a meeting.


Be sure to not work with lawyers who make illegal offers or give unethical advice. Be wary of any US visa lawyer who suggests doing something fishy, such as buying a fake green card or paying extra money to bribe an immigration authority. While this may sound far-fetched, cases like this have actually occurred. If you are caught going along with a scheme then you will be in more trouble.


Not even the best attorneys will be able to guarantee success so be skeptical of any unrealistic promises you are hearing. No attorney is going to have a 100% success rate and if they guarantee you a particular outcome, it needs to be closely evaluated.


It helps to compare advice by talking to more than one attorney. Many good attorneys will be busy but you should be able to speak to them, as well as their office staff, to get a sense of their impression of honesty and demeanor. Talking to several different ones can give you some basis for comparison before you choose the one that will represent you. Getting a second opinion may be helpful and can reveal that the first attorney didn’t understand your case or was trying to do something impossible.

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