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US Immigration Lawyers

When Should You Work with US Immigration Lawyers?

There are certain situations where it makes sense to work with the best immigration lawyers.


If You Can’t Figure Out Your Options: A worker could qualify for different types of green cards or multiple visas and it’s hard to know which is the fastest or the best. US immigration lawyers can help the worker and the employer decide which option best suits the qualifications and needs. Other issues can come up in family-based visa situations. For example, a married person could have the choice of entering with a K-3 visa or an immigrant visa and, unless you work with the best immigration lawyers, it’s hard to know which option is more advantageous.


If You Are an Employer Looking for Foreign-Born Workers: As a business owner, you likely don’t want to spend time on going through the details of immigration law. If you want to sponsor a worker for a green card, the process can be complicated so it’s best to talk things over with an experienced attorney.


If You Are in Court Proceedings: If you have been in immigration court deportation proceedings then you definitely want to see a lawyer. If your proceedings are not done yet then your entire immigration situation will be in the power of the courts.


If You Are Overwhelmed with Paperwork: Even a simple application can involve a lot of forms and you will need to follow some detailed instructions. If you make a mistake then your application can be returned or rejected. US immigration lawyers have dealt with the paperwork numerous times and have the knowledge to help you streamline the process.


If You Are Encountering Delays: A circumstance that usually drives people to seek the best immigration lawyers is a delay in the process. Even if lawyers don’t have a lot of power in some of these circumstances, they can help and it’s worth a try.

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