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Trump Ends TPS for Salvadorans, others

The Trump Administration continues to reduce the number of immigrants granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which allows them to live and work legally in the US. TPS protects these individuals from deportation, as a form of humanitarian relief for people who would face extreme hardship if they were forced to return to homelands devastated by armed conflict and natural disasters.

This week, the Trump administration ended protections for more than 200,000 Salvadorans living in the US. The Department of Homeland Security has announced the end of TPS for immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Sudan and Nicaragua but extended it for immigrants from South Sudan. Later this year, DHS will decide whether to extend TPS for five other nations: Syria, Nepal, Honduras, Yemen and Somalia. Approximately 435,000 people from 10 countries have TPS, according to the latest data provided by US Citizenship and Immigration Services. DHS announced that Salvadorans will have 18 months to find new immigration status, leave or face deportation.

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