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Millions of Americans move abroad every year.  Is it your dream to move abroad?  Do you long to experience different cultures, adventures and languages?  Our firm can help you. 


Are you moving abroad for love or family?

Are you moving abroad to retire?

Are you moving abroad for work?

Are you moving abroad simply to change or improve your life?


Whatever the reason, moving to another country from the U.S. is an exciting opportunity, offering a different way of life and a fresh start in a new culture.  As you are probably aware, it involves far more than just packing and going.  It is vitally important to conduct thorough research.  Issues such as visas, work authorization, schools, healthcare and taxes can overwhelm even the most experienced world traveller.


At ILG, we leverage our years of global relocation experience to assist Americans seeking a new life abroad.  We can help you.


Together, we will discuss the many factors involved in moving abroad, along with considerations to take into account, such as language, climate, cost of living, employment, taxes, safety, health care, visa requirements, political stability, and schools for children.  

Often, a favorite vacation destination does not make for a practical place to live.  For example, small tropical islands may be great for a 2-week vacation, but may lack the health care, education and employment availability needed to live.  Favorite places to visit must be analyzed from a long-term resident perspective.  Will this location keep me interested?  Are there enough cultural opportunities?  Is this city too large?  Too small?  Is the infrastructure (roads, trains) adequate?  With American health care costs higher than those in most developed countries, it may be advantageous to choose a local plan at your destination over an international one.


Each person will have a very different perspective and different needs.  With over 20 years of experience, our firm can help you from start-to-finish on this life-changing road.


Moving Abroad Checklist


Moving abroad can be daunting, so we've created this checklist of key considerations to help simplify the process and ease the stress:


Know your visa requirements of your new country of residence

Decide whether you should rent or purchase a property

Understand your U.S. tax requirements 

Research your tax obligations of your new country of residence

Decide what to do about any property currently owned or rented 

Arrange for school for children

Make plans for relocating pets

Plan storage for your possessions and/or transport with an international moving company

Ascertain your insurance requirements (home, travel, life and car) and ensure that you comply 

Establish any driving requirements, including licenses and tests you may have to take

Know what financial planning options you have and sort out your bank accounts

Make a list of known utility bills and make plans for turning them off

Arrange for a mobile phone, landline and internet provider before you move

Choose a health insurance plan



Please contact us for more information.

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