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Employer Compliance - E-Verify - I-9 Filing/Storage

ILG offers federally-approved paperless E-Verify compliance services to handle all of your E-Verify and I-9 compliance needs. ILG offers an all-in-one compliance suite-one of only a handful of DHS-approved programs. Our fully integrated software system eliminates duplicate data entry from I-9 to E-Verify; it automatically translates I-9 data into the correct E-Verify format. 

Our system allows error-proof preparation and storage of your critical I-9 files and E-Verify results with the creation of customizable reports by location, department, HR manager, and other criteria.

Key Features:

  • I-9 fast completion with no duplicate data entry

  • Fool-proof online completion

  • I-9 auto-error correction

  • Identity theft check

  • SSN checking and "no-match" letter management

  • Electronic/digital signature using SureSign

  • Virtual I-9 and Section II supporting

  • Document storage

  • Automatic E-Verify submission

  • E-Verify step-by-step processes to resolve Tentative Non-confirmations (TNC)

  • Auto-populate, print and store digitally signed

  • E-Verify SSA Notice and Referral letters

  • Customizable management reports

  • Migration of pre-existing I-9s to electronic format

To ensure a smooth transition we provide various training options along with ongoing support and completion of the E-Verify and I-9 compliance process. In less than a day, your organization can be fully complying with the new rules through our system. Ongoing customer support helps to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from our system. ILG also offers attorney-supported or automated-only versions of our program. 

Coupled with our team of immigration lawyers, our program is a powerful tool to help you stay in compliance as a federal contractor or subcontractor. ILG also offers full-service immigration audits for those companies seeking maximum protection in this difficult regulatory environment.

Please contact ILG to find out how we can help your business.

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